New evaluation system established for online literature

来源:ChinaDaily 作者:Wang Kaihao

日期:2019-08-13 10:57:45


China's main online streaming media platform iQiyi and the Chinese Academy of Press and Publication announced on Friday the establishment of an evaluation system for online literature.

It was announced at the 3rd annual China Online Literature + Conference in Beijing, which was organized by the National Press and Publication Administration and Beijing municipal government.

The new system will use big data analysis to evaluate the possibility and potential market performance of online literature as films and series dramas to lower the risk of production and usher online literature towards the mainstream values of society.

For a long time, eye-catching elements like fantasy dominated Chinese online literature. Nevertheless, as more reality-themed productions call for professionals in the filmmaking industry, online literature is considered to be a main source of adaption.

According to a report on the conference in Beijing, more than 60 percent of online literature on major Chinese content providers is now reality-themed and cares more about social issues.

IQiyi and the academy, which is affiliated with the National Press and Publication Administration, launched a research institute focusing on online literature in 2018, which has included dozens of industry analysts and publishers of academic journals, and aims to offer more tailored advice for the healthy development of the industry.

Yang Yong, editor-in-chief of iQiyi’s Online Literature Department, said the new evaluation system will help more online series dramas and internet-tailored films to be developed simultaneously with literary works and thus better establish an influential franchise.

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